A new team with exceptionally experienced members is formed and chooses to stay in our country to participate in the redefining of the Greek industry. Structural elements of our identity is Strategy and Support


Strategic Support was born by a group of professionals with proficient skill and experience, after a thorough investigation of the market and the current international crisis. Our main objective is the provision of integrated consulting services to companies and organizations of Private and Public sector.

We aspire to become a company of business innovation based on a specialized and experienced team in project development with dynamism, confidence, and the aim to make the difference. As citizens and executives of the local market, we have chosen to support our country and contribute to the restructuring and redefinition of the identity of Greek companies. We believe that every public or private entity has the ability to reestablish itself towards the new requirements and the new rules of the international markets, in order to deal with the uprising financial challenges.

Through the experience of the financial crisis and being oriented towards realistic, defined and sustainable solutions, we redefined the integral elements of our identity and the business needs, in general: Strategy and Support. We saw clearly. We thought long term. We recognized the fact that ideas aren’t missing. What is missing is the experience of strategic planning and the method to turn an idea to a project. Our goal is to play a leading role in the market through the provision of Consulting Services, covering a wide range of the business spectrum, and aid the progress of social institutions.

  • Vision & Mission

    We envision and design the Greek companies of tomorrow. We build relations of trust and credibility.


  • Company Structure

    Scientifically proficient executives, placed at the right posts is the Pivotal Stone of our organisation


  • Services

    A team with excellent scientific training in the field of project development, with dynamism, confidence, experience and the goal to make a difference, offers realistic, documented and viable solution